The process of choosing a study abroad program can be daunting for student travelers. For any given interest there may be thousands of options through hundreds of different providers, The providers might be universities, private companies or non-profit groups. With so many options, travelers often don’t know where to start.

Likewise, program providers typically use antiquated methods of tracking and communicating with potential travelers that make it difficult to focus on the issues that matter most to study abroad participants. They manage different processes through any combination of paper, their inbox and software that wasn’t created with their needs in mind.

Project Travel seeks to simplify processes for both sides through their CRM Via, developed specifically for international educators. We’ve broken down traveler tasks into small, digestible steps, and added elements of gamification to allow users to track their progress. All of this so they can achieve their real goal: travel and learning.

Role: UX/UI/Visual/Product Design, HTML, CSS, Concept, Words, Creative Direction